Am I a Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction is an excellent way to achieve a more toned, sculpted body by removing stubborn pockets of fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise. But it is important to understand that not everyone is a candidate for liposuction. Before moving forward with your procedure, Dr. Bottger will first evaluate you to make sure liposuction is the right option for you. Ideal candidates for liposuction:

Preparing for Liposuction

There are several important things for you to do as you prepare for your liposuction procedure. At your initial consultation, Dr. Bottger will go over this in great detail. But you may want to print out this list and keep it on hand to ensure you don’t forget anything important. Make sure you take care of the following items at least 2 weeks prior to your liposuction procedure:

How Much Fat can Be Removed by Liposuction?

A common question Dr. Bottger hears from prospective liposuction patients is, “How much fat can be removed by liposuction?” The answer to this question is somewhat complicated. According to standards established by the medical community, 6 liters (approximately 12 pounds) of fat is the upper limits of what is considered safe to remove during a single liposuction procedure. This does not mean you are losing 12 pounds of fat if you have 6 liters removed. Instead, this measurement represents the total amount of fat, blood, and other body fluids being removed.

Life after Liposuction

For many liposuction patients, the most difficult part of the entire process occurs after the surgery and recovery period have ended. While liposuction can achieve beautiful results that help you achieve your desired figure, the long term success of your procedure ultimately depends on how well you take care of your body after surgery. A recent study posted in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that approximately 50% of patients surveyed regained weight within several months of undergoing liposuction.

Enhancing the “Golden Years” with Liposuction

As you age, your metabolism slows down and you experience fluctuations in your hormone balance. This is often compounded by health issues which may prevent you from engaging in many of the physical activities you enjoyed when you were younger. These inevitable consequences of getting older have caused many people to struggle with maintaining their weight as they enter their 40s, 50s, and beyond. In recent years, the Baby Boomer generation has demonstrated that they are not willing to simply accept the weight gain that commonly comes with aging.

Beware of Gimmicky Liposuction Alternatives

As liposuction and other body sculpting procedures have increased in popularity in recent years, so have the number of alternatives which claim to magically melt fat away with the flick of a button or the zap of a laser. But it is important to be careful and do your research before opting for one of these miracle procedures. You may end up regretting your decision in the long run. Many of these gimmicky liposuction alternatives are very new.

Plastic Surgery for Your Wedding? Plan Ahead

Spring has arrived, and summer is just around the corner. For some people, that means getting excited for beach season. For others, it means preparing for wedding season. Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to get married, and if you plan on having any procedures to help look your best for the big day, you will need to plan ahead. It is becoming increasingly common for members of the wedding party – the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents of the happy couple – to opt for plastic surgery prior to the wedding.

Thigh Gap Liposuction Gaining Popularity

For decades, women have been trying to emulate the appearance of models in order to achieve what is often looked at as the standard of beauty. This has involved emulating facial features, breast sizes, and toned body contours. One of the newest trends has been a focus on achieving the thigh gap found among many models. A thigh gap occurs when your legs are thin enough to create a space between the upper thighs. As a result, your legs will not touch above the knees.

New Study Finds Liposuction Reduces Fat Levels in Blood

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. Many men and women are able to achieve dramatic body contouring effects by the procedure, which removes stubborn pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise. But a recent study published in the Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery has also found that liposuction may have unintended health benefits.

Can Fat Return after Liposuction?

If you have worked hard through diet and exercise to achieve your desired figure, but find that certain stubborn pockets of fat still won’t go away, then liposuction may be an effective way to deliver the toned, sculpted contour you are looking for. But can these pockets of fat return at a later date? Unfortunately, this question is somewhat complicated. The fat cells surgically removed through liposuction will never come back. In this way, liposuction delivers permanent results.


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