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Body Lift

“Body lift” is a term referring to procedures which remove sagging abdominal, trunk and thigh skin. The trunk lift is designed to lift and tighten primarily the buttock, hip, and lateral thigh regions. When this procedure is simultaneously combined with an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck it is commonly referred to as a belt lipectomy or body lift.


The trunk lift procedure involves an excision of skin and underlying fat in the lower back, buttock and lateral thigh region producing a lifting and tightening of sagging buttocks and lateral thighs. Liposuction may be performed in conjunction with a trunk lift to optimize contours. Fat grafting can also be performed concurrently to maximize buttock contours. When a concurrent abdominoplasty is performed, which involves an extension of the trunk incision to the anterior bikini line region for removal of excess fat skin and muscle tightening, the procedure is termed “belt lipectomy”.

Ideal Candidates

In/Out Patient

Most body lifting procedures are performed under general anesthesia and typically require an overnight stay in the hospital. Surgical time varies depending on the extent of the procedure.


Drainage tubes are placed after body lift procedures and remain for approximately one week. Sutures are deep to the surface and dissolve on their own. Steristrips are placed on the skin surface and fall off after several weeks. Return to work in an office setting is expected after approximately two weeks. Significant exercising and weight lifting can be resumed in approximately eight weeks.

Risks and Complications

Risks and complications of body lift surgery include but are not limited to infection, bleeding (hematoma), skin necrosis (loss), numbness and unfavorable scarring.

For more information on the body lift procedure, please contact experienced plastic surgeon David A. Bottger, MD. Dr. Bottger serves the Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania area, as well as West Chester.