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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Breast enhancement is one of the most innovative applications of the fat transfer technique. During fat transfer breast augmentation, Philadelphia plastic surgeon David Bottger, MD uses your own fatty tissue as a “natural” filler to soften the breasts and further refine the results of your breast augmentation—whether by smoothing the edges of your implants and/or by improving contour irregularities.

Dr. Bottger would be happy to explain how fat transfer can complement the results of your breast surgery during a consultation. Since the additional volume from fat transfer is achieved using your own tissue, the goal of injections is permanent improvement.

What Can Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Accomplish?

The fat transfer procedure is designed to take excess fat from elsewhere on the body and reintroduce the harvested fat cells into the breasts. This can add volume to improve the results of your primary augmentation with breast implants, or even provide enhancement without the need for implants for a very select number of patients. Each person’s results will vary, but fat transfer can generally augment the breasts by:

Before fat is transferred, liposuction is utilized to collect excess fat cells from the abdomen, thighs, flanks, or another fat-abundant region of the body. With liposuction incorporated into the procedure, fat transfer can often provide the additional benefit of reshaping the area where fat is gathered for reinjection.

Who is a Candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is most successful for women who are seeking a modest increase in their breast size, or patients who would like more coverage for their implants. Like all surgeries, individuals interested in this procedure should:

Since a portion of the fat repurposed for your breast enhancement will be absorbed by the body, the fat transfer technique cannot dramatically enlarge one’s breast size. For this reason, pursuing fat transfer surgery alone (without implants) to augment the breasts is only successful for certain patients. If you’re seeking a method of breast augmentation that doesn’t utilize breast implants, Dr. Bottger can evaluate your concerns to assess whether fat transfer is enough to achieve your goals.

How is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Performed?

Fat transfer to the breasts involves collecting fat from a predetermined region of the body via liposuction, followed by injection of the fat cells into the breasts. First, Dr. Bottger will use a long, narrow tube called a cannula to extract excess fat deposits from the “donor” area. Local anesthesia may be introduced into the region beforehand to reduce discomfort. The extracted fat is then prepped and purified for transfer, after which the natural filler is reinjected into designated regions of the breasts using small syringes. Once the desired volume is achieved, dressings or bandages may be placed over the breasts as well as the liposuction site(s) to help shape your new contours.

What is Recovery From Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Like?

Swelling is typically most significant during the first week of recovery. Bruising is also to be expected, but discomfort should gradually improve as the healing process progresses. Most patients take one to two weeks of downtime, although individuals who have undergone fat transfer often feel well enough to perform light activities after a few days. Any strenuous work or exercise should be avoided for four to six weeks, or until Dr. Bottger says otherwise. He will monitor your progress during the recovery period through post-operative follow-up appointments. The results of your procedure should improve as swelling continues to dissipate. The final outcome may not be fully visible until several weeks after your surgery, but the transferred fat that “takes,” or successfully integrates, can provide permanent rejuvenation.

Fat transfer can be an excellent way to soften the breast contours, but the technique may not be the most optimal treatment option for every patient’s goals. Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bottger and learn whether fat injections can achieve the volume enhancement you desire.