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When Can I Exercise After Liposuction?

Posted on Oct 3, 2022 Liposuction, Plastic Surgery

exerciseIf you’re working towards a leaner, more sculpted physique, liposuction can be a highly effective complement to dieting and exercise. The procedure can smooth stubborn bulges of fat resistant to exercise and reshape virtually any area of the body, leaving behind sleeker, more toned contours. That said, the inevitable recovery period after liposuction can sometimes pose a concern for patients in Philadelphia who live an active lifestyle. Most people know that they will need to refrain from working out while their body heals, but men and women interested in liposuction often ask our board-certified plastic surgeon when they can expect to resume their exercise regimen after surgery. While some patience is required, many individuals are able to start light workouts as soon as two weeks after their procedure. 

Keeping in mind that each patient heals at a unique rate, exercise can generally be resumed in stages based on Dr. David Bottger’s instructions and the nature of your liposuction. It’s typically true that the more areas are treated with liposuction — or the more fat is removed during surgery — the longer it will take to fully heal from the procedure. An average recovery timeline with regard to exercise proceeds as follows:

Dr. Bottger stresses the importance of listening to your body and gradually reintroducing your workouts based on the pace of your recovery process. Once patients are completely healed from surgery and working out at their usual intensity, many report that the results of liposuction can be very motivating in the effort to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.