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Simulate Potential Results With 3D Imaging

Have you always considered rhinoplasty, but were unsure of how the procedure would affect your entire facial appearance? Would the final outcome look better if you placed your breast implants over or under the chest muscle? At our Philadelphia practice, you can now overcome your plastic surgery doubts with first-rate 3D imaging technology that allows you to see the potential results of your procedure during your consultation!

With advanced software, plastic surgeon David Bottger, MD can simulate the anticipated outcome of a range of face, breast, and body procedures on your natural features. This can provide you with a realistic idea of what to expect after surgery and allow you to make decisions about your treatment accordingly. Thanks to the innovative technologies provided by Crisalix® Virtual Aesthetics and Canfield’s MIRROR™ Imaging, a detailed look into your future is now clearer than ever!

How Does Crisalix® Work?

Using the Crisalix® system to visualize your potential breast surgery results couldn’t be more simple. The entire process can be completed in three easy steps!

Step One: Scan and Upload Images

During your appointment, Dr. Bottger will discuss your goals and concerns with you while uploading a scan of your body to the Crisalix® software. Within minutes, a realistic 3D model of your appearance will be simulated.

Step Two: Bring Your Vision to Life

You and Dr. Bottger will work together to make the desired enhancements on the 3D model according to your aesthetic goals. Based on what you would like to accomplish, Dr. Bottger will create your treatment plan with the goal of making the simulated results a reality.

Step Three: Share the Results!

After your consultation, you can sign into your Crisalix® account at home and access the 3D visualization remotely from your personal device! If you wish, you can share the outcome with your friends and loved ones to get their feedback and advice on the desired changes.

How Can 3D Virtual Imaging Aid My Consultation?

From breast augmentation to facial plastic surgery, 3D imaging can help you visualize what can be achieved with a variety of cosmetic surgeries. In addition to painting a high-quality, three-dimensional picture of how a given procedure can enhance your appearance, our virtual imaging software can:

Dr. Bottger and our medical team utilize Crisalix® Virtual Aesthetics for breast imaging, and Canfield’s MIRROR™ imaging software for rhinoplasty and other facial procedures. We believe these technologies can provide a mutual understanding of cosmetic goals and strengthen patients’ ability to make well-informed decisions about their health and appearance.

Types of Imaging Software

Crisalix® Virtual Aesthetics

Crisalix® is a cutting-edge platform typically utilized during breast consultations to convey how you could look after getting breast implants, mastopexy, or any other breast surgery. This virtual imaging software can easily answer many of your questions about plastic surgery on a live simulation. After listening to your concerns, Dr. Bottger will take photos and upload them to your confidential Crisalix® patient vault. He will then be able to manipulate a live 3D simulation of your appearance to showcase what can realistically be achieved with your procedure of interest. This can help you determine the ideal implant size and/or shape you desire in relation to your entire figure.

According to clinical data, the patient satisfaction rate after surgery is a striking 99 percent when Crisalix® is utilized. Furthermore, about 97 percent of patients believe the simulation created by Crisalix® resembles the actual aesthetic outcome after their procedure.

Canfield’s MIRROR™ Imaging Software

Canfield’s MIRROR™ software is another state-of-the-art tool often used to visualize the potential results of rhinoplasty. After uploading your images to a confidential patient file, this system creates a realistic “mirror” image of the outcome after nose surgery—essentially providing you with an example of a before-and-after photo during your consultation. MIRROR™ has the benefit of giving you a side-by-side comparison of your existing appearance vs. what you could look like after rhinoplasty or another given procedure.

Curious about how aesthetic surgery can help you achieve your cosmetic goals? Contact Dr. Bottger at our Philadelphia practice to learn about our 3D imaging software or to schedule your consultation.