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Will My Liposuction Results Be Permanent?

Posted on Jun 3, 2014 Liposuction

If you’re thinking about liposuction, you’re not alone. Nearly half a million Americans choose to have liposuction annually, and the procedure is becoming more popular each year. But maybe you’re wondering just how long the results of all those surgeries last.

Liposuction is a technique that plastic surgeons use to reshape the body. Good candidates for the procedure are usually those who have very localized, stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise.

While diet and exercise can cause fat cells to shrink, in liposuction we actually remove the fat cells themselves. So if you maintain a healthy lifestyle after your procedure, then you can expect your results to last indefinitely. If you gain some weight, around the holidays for example, then your body will store fat in the cells you still have.

Keep in mind that since future weight gain will result in fat being stored in different regions of your body, it may result in a disproportionate figure. As a result, it’s very important that you follow a healthy lifestyle after liposuction to maintain your appearance. You should be committed to eating a good diet and exercising regularly to ensure your results last a long time.

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