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Philadelphia Surgeon's Take on Reality Television Breast Augmentation

Philadelphia reality TV fans may have noticed the new E! show "Botched," which makes light of cosmetic surgery procedures gone awry, including breast augmentations.

Among the personalities featured on the show: Model and so-called "surgery addict" Janice Dickinson. She opted to have a corrective breast augmentation filmed for the show:

"I'm nervous, I'm nervous, I'm nervous right now," she tells the show's plastic surgeon as he  preps her for the procedure. "Can I just get some Valium right now?!"

Breast Lift Procedures Are Increasing at Twice the Rate of Breast Augmentation Procedures

While breast augmentation remains the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed on women, breast lift procedures are actually increasing in popularity at a faster rate. Recent statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) showed a 70% increase in breast lift procedures since 2000, while breast augmentation procedures have only increased by approximately 37%.

Breast Augmentation Incision Choice May Affect Capsular Contracture Risk

One of the most hotly contested issues in breast augmentation is the best incision for performing the procedure. There are three commonly used breast augmentation incisions, and although some breast surgeons use all three, many of them are staunch advocates of one or the other. Even breast surgeons in the same practice may fight years-long running battles about this issue.

Breast Augmentation Results with Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Women choosing silicone gel breast implants for their breast augmentation need good information to make the right decisions about their procedures. It is often difficult to find comparisons between results achieved using implants by the two major breast implant manufacturers in the US: Allergan and Mentor. Now they have a little more information after a study by breast surgeons.

"Worth It" Ratings for Breast Augmentation Studied

In the last few years, has become one of the most popular sites for people seeking information about plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation. The site gives patients a comprehensive resource, allowing them to interact with plastic surgeons and other actual or potential patients. They can ask questions about breast augmentation and get answers from plastic surgeons across the country. In addition, the site allows patients who have had a procedure to give it a "worth it" rating.

Can Axillary Incision Be Used for Revision Breast Augmentation?

There are three incisions commonly used for breast augmentation. The inframammary incision is located in the crease below the breast. The periareolar incision is located around the lower part of the nipple-areola complex. The axillary incision is located in the armpit, and has some benefits but one of the disadvantages is that the same incision cannot be used for revision surgery, or so we have always thought. Now a recent study by breast surgeons shows that the axillary incision can be used for revision surgery, if certain principles are followed.

Breast Augmentation Incision Does Not Affect Complication Risk

Breast augmentation incision is one of the options women have for customizing their procedure. The three incisions allow women and their surgeons to select the most concealing location for incisions and resulting scars. Some surgeons have expressed concern that the periareolar incision, in particular, may be associated with increased risk of certain complications.

Breast Augmentation Helps You Stand Proud

Breast augmentation represents a sudden change in your body mass and the distribution of the body mass, which some think might cause negative posture changes. However, according a study in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the mood changes that result from breast augmentation are more significant than the mass changes in terms of determining the posture of women after plastic surgery. After breast augmentation, women tend to stand straighter and taller than before.


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