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What Can Earlobe Repair Surgery Fix?

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 Facial Procedures

Cosmetic earlobe repair surgery is designed to correct aesthetic issues caused by genetics, lifestyle choices and injuries. Earlobe repair surgery is not intended to correct issues with the appearance of over-prominent ears, which is best addressed with otoplasty.

Dr. Bottger’s earlobe repair surgery can help Philadelphia patients improve the appearance of their earlobes by correcting issues related to:

No matter what has caused your earlobes to stretch or tear, the results are still similar and can have a big impact on our self-image. As our lifestyles change or our genetics catch up with us, it’s important to remember that unsightly stretch marks or severe sagging can often be repaired with Dr. Bottger’s earlobe repair surgery.

If you want to improve your damaged earlobes, our earlobe repair surgery might be the solution for you. To schedule a consultation with our experienced Philadelphia cosmetic surgeon, contact Dr. David Bottger at 610-355-1929 today.