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Summer a Great Time for Breast Augmentation for College-Age Women

Posted on Apr 29, 2011 Breast Augmentation

If you are a college-aged woman considering breast augmentation, summer is a great time to schedule your procedure. Scheduling a procedure over the summer has a number of advantages. If you are concerned about other people finding out about your procedure, the summer is a great opportunity to get your breast implant surgery. It is an especially good time if your small breasts have always made you feel self-conscious in high school and you are looking forward to starting fresh in college. You will be going somewhere no one knows you and you can begin with a completely new image and persona, comfortable in your body and your appearance. The summer is also a good time for your breast augmentation because you will have fewer demands on your schedule and can more easily take it easy to rest and recover. Although you really only need to take a week off from work or other non-strenuous activities, the more time you can take to gradually return to full activity, the better your recovery will be. By twelve weeks you should be able to return to all activities, including strenuous exercise. The drawbacks of breast augmentation in the summer is that your results will likely not be ready to show off during your first swimsuit season. The breast implants can take up to six months to properly settle into place and give a natural appearance. In the meantime, they will likely still look good under clothes, but not in a bikini or revealing summer dress. Another reason you might want to cover up your breasts during the recovery period is that if you expose bruised skin to sun you may end up with permanent discoloration that can be very hard to treat.   But with these exceptions, summer is a great time for college-age women to schedule a breast augmentation. If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation, please contact Philadelphia breast augmentation surgeon David A. Bottger today to schedule a consultation.