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Finding the Right Swimsuit to Flatter Your Figure

Posted on May 5, 2011 Breast Augmentation

If you have long been uncomfortable at the beach because of small breasts, you ‘re probably familiar with the inconvenience of highly padded swimsuits. Anything that will make a difference can turn visibly and uncomfortably soggy when you go swimming, may not stay in place, or is otherwise a nuisance. Here are some other ways to pick the best swimsuit to help you look good without padding Breasts that are “small” are generally not due to the actual size of the breasts but because of the proportion between the breasts and the rest of the body. To help improve the proportion, avoid bottoms that can add volume to your hips and butt, such as skirted bottoms or boy shorts. You may think a belt or similar accent will help to define your waist, but it will actually draw the eye downward and increase the attention and visual size of the buttocks. The best way to visually create a waist is with texture or pattern.  Fabric effects like crisscross cuts and panels can visually create a waist. You can also get a similar effect with patterns such as diagonals and inward sloping lines. In concert with these effects, you can visually increase the relative proportion of your bust by pairing a dark bottom with a light or patterned top. A deep v-neck draws attention and can play up your assets to their maximum advantage. A low square-cut top can also draw attention and has the advantage of visually widening the bust. Trying on swimsuits is a great way to honestly evaluate your figure. You may not be wholly comfortable with the appearance of your breasts, but if you can find a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable, maybe the expense, time, and risk of breast augmentation is not right for you.   But if you cannot find a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and look longingly on styles you just can’t pull off, perhaps you should consider breast augmentation. It might be the best way for you to feel great the next time you visit the beach.   If you want to learn more about breast augmentation in Philadelphia, please call or email Dr. David A. Bottger to schedule a consultation today.