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Is Fashion Finally Accepting of Breasts?

Posted on Jun 9, 2011 Breast Augmentation

Vivienne Westwood is a fashion pioneer in many ways, not the least of which is her somewhat revolutionary acknowledgement that normal women have breasts and women’s fashion should be designed with breasts in mind. A couple years ago, Vivienne Westwood designed a collection based on the muse Pamela Anderson, who helped bring breast augmentation into the mainstream with her starring role in Baywatch. More recently, Vivienne Westwood selected the naturally full-figured Christina Hendricks as the spokesmodel for her limited-edition Get a Life palladium jewelry collection. These are just two examples that reaffirm Vivienne Westwood’s longtime commitment to women with curves. It seems that other designers may be catching up, and that the industry as a whole is coming around. Alexander McQueen and Mark Fast among other major designers have been using plus size models to promote appreciation for women of all sizes, including all breast sizes. With the addition of size 18 (US size 16) mannequins at the Edinburgh College of Art’s fashion school, it seems like the attention given to plus size models and curvy women is more than just a passing fad. In the past, some women considering breast implants may have feared they would be unable to find high-fashion clothing that flattered their look, but this seems to be changing. If you are considering breast augmentation, you do not have to worry that you won’t be able to dress up your breasts as much in formal clothes as you can dress them down for the beach and girls’ nights out. To learn more about breast augmentation, please contact Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. David A. Bottger.