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Bride and Groom Ask for a Present They Can Both Enjoy: Breast Augmentation

Posted on May 31, 2011 Breast Augmentation

It’s a question many couples have these days: What should we put on our gift registry? With fewer and fewer couples getting married young, many people live on their own for years before getting married, and many more have been married before. When this happens, traditional wedding presents like kitchen appliances, towels, and china don’t make sense. The problem is more often how to get rid of a complete second set of home furnishings than what the couple needs. One couple in England came up with their own solution: they asked for guests to contribute to a breast augmentation for the bride. It’s worth noting that this was the bride’s idea, and she didn’t come up with it until after he had already proposed. She had the procedure done after the ceremony and honeymoon. She didn’t want breast implants so her future husband would love her. Instead, she wanted the procedure for her own confidence and to restore her self-image. She had always loved wearing low-cut tops, but recently began feeling self-conscious. She had three children from a previous relationship, and her breasts had lost volume and begun to sag, so she wanted breast augmentation primarily to improve their shape. In the process, she went from a 32 D (close to the average breast size in Britain) to 32 DD. If you feel self-conscious about the size or shape of breasts that have changed shape following pregnancy, weight loss, or age, breast augmentation can often restore their shape and volume. If you have experienced significant sagging, a breast lift may be necessary to ensure you get the results you desire. If you live in the Philadelphia area and want to learn which procedure is right for you, please call or email Dr. David Bottger today to schedule a consultation.