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Specialized Lingerie Gives the Right Fit after Breast Surgery

Posted on Jul 5, 2011 Breast Augmentation

Many women find that although they are happy with the shape and appearance of their breasts after breast augmentation, they cannot find lingerie that properly supports and flatters their figure. Even after a professional fitting for conventional bras, women find they do not look as good in bras as they do without. Although you might be tempted to go without a bra after breast augmentation surgery, giving your breasts proper support after breast augmentation is crucial to maintaining your results. The solution may be looking at specialized lingerie designed for use by women after their breast augmentation. At least two companies are offering specialized bras designed to be worn by women after breast augmentation. The pioneer in this field is Le Mystère, who partnered with breast implant manufacturer Mentor to promote their No. 9 collection. This bra has a number of features that are designed to better support and compliment augmented breasts. First, the shape of the cup is designed to reflect the changed shape of augmented breasts. Second, the underwire is reshaped to better reflect the actual shape of the breast implant, giving better-fitting support. Finally, Le Mystère No. 9 bras are designed with a wider center connector to better reflect the typical spacing of augmented breasts, which have a narrower “footprint” than natural breasts. A second company that is offering specialized bras for breast augmentation patients is Alexis Smith, a British company that can ship bras to the US. These bras boast a plastic underwire instead of metal, which they say increases comfort. They also claim that the breast cup gives a more ideal amount of coverage than traditional cups. According to the company, a traditional full bra gives too much coverage, but the traditional demi gives too little. Finally, they say that their thinner straps help give the bra a more elegant look. Breast augmentation is more than just surgery, it’s about trying to look better and feel better about yourself, and finding a flattering bra after surgery is an important part of that. To learn more about breast augmentation and how it can help improve your self image, please contact Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. David A. Bottger today to schedule a consultation.