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Sagging and Breast Implants

Posted on May 31, 2012 Breast Implants

Breast implants can be used to reliably achieve many cosmetic improvements of the breasts. However, breast sagging may or may not be correctable using breast implants. If your breasts are sagging as a result of lost volume that causes you to have slack, empty breasts, then breast implants can be used to restore that volume. Sometimes, too, breasts can look saggy because of their shape. Sometimes breasts that lack fullness in the upper part can seem droopy, and this can be corrected using breast implants as well. On the other hand, true sagging of the breasts is caused by stretching of the breast skin. This cannot be corrected with breast implants. Breast implants may even make this sagging worse. However, a breast lift can be used to remove excess skin, reshape the breast mound, and give breasts a more youthful, elevated appearance. This can even be combined with breast implants to restore volume at the same time. The only way to know for sure what breast surgery is best for you is with an evaluation of your breast skin and tissue in the context of your cosmetic goals. In the Philadelphia area, please contact David A. Bottger, MD today to talk to him about your cosmetic goals.