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Kendra Wilkinson: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Breast Implants

Posted on Apr 14, 2011 Breast Implants

One of the concerns many young women have about getting breast implants is whether it will impact their ability to breastfeed, and whether pregnancy and breastfeeding will impact their results. While every woman is different, former “Girl Next Door” and current “Dancing with the Stars” contender Kendra Wilkinson shows that breast implants will not stop you from breastfeeding, and can still look great after pregnancy. Kendra Wilkinson, who had breast implants prior to becoming a Playboy model and one of Hough Hefner’s girlfriends, had a baby boy just five months into her marriage with former Philadelphia Eagles player Hank Baskett. She was very excited, and equally excited about the opportunity to breastfeed, but nervous that she would not be able to with her breast implants. However, she was able to breastfeed successfully for three months, about as long as she wanted. When she was breastfeeding, she was unhappy that her breasts were too large, a problem that many women have during breastfeeding. She was also concerned that her breasts would not look as good after pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, as you can see during her appearances on “Dancing with the Stars,” her breast augmentation results still look great. Her appearance has never been criticized, only her ability to convey “elegance” and be “lady-like.” Although she is currently last on the show’s leader board, she and partner Louis van Amstel are hoping to make up some points with a saucy foxtrot that can play to her strengths. If you have questions or concerns about how breast implants may impact your pregnancy or breastfeeding, please contact Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. David Bottger today to schedule a consultation.