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How Can I Get Rid of My Jowls?

Posted on Mar 17, 2021 Facial Procedures, Plastic Surgery

woman-with-jowlsIn general, the most effective and long-lasting way to reduce the appearance of jowls — which refers to lax or drooping skin along the jawline — is through facelift surgery, an outpatient procedure designed to minimize aging in the lower face and neck. Jowls usually develop due to the skin and facial tissue growing thinner and less elastic over time. This not only causes the face to look less full and youthful, but the skin may also start to descend past the chin and jawline as natural production of collagen and elastin decreases. Certain non-surgical treatments may subtly tighten the facial tissues to somewhat improve the contour of the lower face, but they will never be able to actually remove excess skin or tighten stretched musculature.

A facelift, on the other hand, is designed to surgically treat loose skin, musculature, and displaced fat in the face to restore a smoother, more youthful aesthetic. This can rejuvenate the face for the long-term future rather than only providing temporary enhancement. A neck lift is typically part of a facelift procedure and produces a comprehensive, uniform result.

Jowls are typically considered one of the most prominent signs of facial aging and may develop as early as a patient’s thirties. If your appearance does not reflect how you feel internally, Dr. Bottger can meet with you in a consultation to discuss the best treatment options to bring your youthfulness to the surface. Please contact our practice in Newtown Square to schedule an appointment.