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The Haves and Have-Nots: Breast Augmentation Sparks Tension among Cheerleaders

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 Breast Augmentation

With the NFL draft coming next month, it’s time to start thinking about football again, and for men and women fans of the Philadelphia Eagles it’s also time to think about the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders, too. Cheerleader tryouts are in progress, with the semi-final round taking place this week. As ambassadors for the NFL and representatives held up as an ideal of feminine beauty, cheerleaders work hard to fulfill their obligations, but how they choose to pursue a beauty ideal can lead to tension.

According to a recently-published account by the NFL’s oldest cheerleader, breast augmentation is a very divisive issue among the women in the squad. Laura Vikmanis, a cheerleader for cross-state rival Cincinnati Bengals, told local media that “the most prominent division” in the squad is “between the Real Boobs and the Fake Boobs.” She said that this was despite the fact that about a third of the women who did not have breast implants were considering them at any given time.

It is not surprising that women might take advantage of the positive results of breast augmentation under this kind of pressure to look their best. Twice-a-week weigh ins and the grueling conditioning routines make it hard for women to maintain adequate fat reserves to have proportionate and shapely breasts, so breast implants are often the only way for women on the squad to remain both fit and feminine. However, it is disappointing that there should be such resentment about the issue. In general, we need to learn to be less judgmental and more forgiving of other people’s personal choices. There are few of us aspiring to be Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders, but we all aspire to a personal ideal of beauty. If you think your personal ideal includes larger breasts, breast augmentation may be for you. To learn whether you are a good candidate for breast augmentation, please contact Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. David A. Bottger for a consultation today.