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Exercising After Breast Implants

Posted on Aug 28, 2015 Breast Implants

Many women who undergo breast augmentation tend to wonder if it will make a difference in how they exercise. Most women who undergo the procedure tend to continue enjoying their active lifestyles. If you have questions or concerns about breast augmentation, contact our Philadelphia practice at 610-355-1929 to schedule your consultation with our highly experience plastic surgeon.

Exercise is beneficial to a person’s overall health, so we wouldn’t want anyone to think that they would be limited to such a thing after a breast augmentation. Immediately after the procedure, you want to limit physical activity for the purposes of recovery. Within a few day most patients can resume limited, low-impact exercises such as stretching and walking, depending on how comfortable they feel.

As you continue healing, additional low-impact cardio exercises can be incorporated in your routine. Within the first couple weeks of recovery you may begin activities such as light cycling, however, walking will still be the best option at that point.

At this point you still want to avoid activities that put stress on the entire body, such as running, swimming, or jumping. After about three weeks you can being to exercises targeting the lower body. Keep in mind that you are still healing so be cautious.

It is recommended that you avoid any upper body workouts until you have completely healed from your breast surgery. After your breast implant procedure you will want to always wear a supportive sports bra whenever you engage in physical fitness.

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation or have additional questions about exercising after your procedure with Dr. David Bottger, please contact our practice at 610-355-1929 to schedule your personal consultation today .