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Can My Breast Reduction Be Covered By Insurance?

Posted on Jan 20, 2015 Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is employed to decrease the pain and self-consciousness that women with large breasts sometimes experience. And depending on your unique situation, it might even be covered by insurance.

Women who seek breast reduction often do so because of the pain and complications associated with large breasts. While insurance companies rarely cover breast reduction for purely cosmetic reasons, a documented health condition can sometimes justify the procedure to insurers. Women who experience the following are more likely to receive some kind of insurance coverage for breast reduction:

If you suffer from any of these complications, you may be able to make an insurance claim for your breast reduction. Justifying the claim means performing a detailed exam and documenting your medical history. After we contact your insurer with details, approval usually takes about a month.

Breast reduction can dramatically improve your quality of life if large breasts have been causing you pain. If you’re ready to learn how breast reduction can improve how you feel, please contact Dr. David A. Bottger today at 610-355-1929. We are pleased to serve patients throughout Pennsylvania.