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Breast Implants Inspire Spring Fashion Line

Posted on Sep 22, 2011 Breast Implants

A few months ago, we talked about how fashion designers were becoming friendlier to larger-breasted women. One designer has gone one step further, creating a spring 2012 fashion line inspired by her breast implants. During conversations before and after the show, Betsey Johnson said that her spring 2012 collection was inspired by her breast implants and her daughter, who also has breast implants. The breast implant inspiration is clear in many aspects of the collection. First, the clothes are, almost without exception, designed to draw attention to and accent the appearance of attractive breasts. This is often accomplished with the use of visible bras, most often leopard print. Corset-style dresses were also common. Attention was further drawn to the models’ breasts using a number of accessories. Charm necklaces and longer chains hanging into cleavage were worn by most of the models. Several of them also had skin jewelry placed strategically at the crest of their cleavage, which was also considerably pronounced compared to the typical runway model. The collection was dominated by whites and pale floral prints in the early portion of the show, then transformed to punkier styles. Aggressive prints with faces, skulls, and other bones combined with ongoing florals and some remarkable textures. Square metal studs, sequins, and cut-outs jostled one another and jackets to create a completely different impression from the softer earlier styles, though they also worked remarkably well with the bright pink lipstick and sideswept hair worn by the models. This collection shows again that fashion is more accepting than ever of larger women, especially those with larger breasts. If you think breast implants are the perfect way to complete your look, you should talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon about the benefits and risks of the procedure. In Philadelphia, please schedule a consultation with Dr. David A. Bottger today.