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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Posted on Aug 10, 2012 Breast Augmentation

Proper management of your recovery from breast augmentation is as important as the procedure itself to ensure you get great results from your breast augmentation. It’s important to take your time and let your body heal. Planning before your breast augmentation can make the process easier. You’ll need to sleep propped up for the first few days, so try to get a pillow wedge or a whole bunch of soft pillows to make yourself comfortable. Take anything you’re going to need out of high cabinets or low ones so they’ll be at a level you can reach without stretching. Better yet, get some help for around-the-house tasks. Let your husband, mom, daughter, or best girl friend wait on you for a few days. You’ve just made a major sacrifice for yourself. Why not turn it into a full-fledged personal holiday? After 3-5 days you should be ready to return to work and most household activities, as long as they don’t involve strenuous activity, especially heavy lifting. You can resume your exercise routine gradually. By three or four weeks, you should be able to be back to your full exercise routine and, unless Dr. David A. Bottger cautions against it, engage in strenuous activities, including sex. Although you’ll be fully recovered within a month after surgery, your final results from breast augmentation may not be visible for three to six months. If you have more questions about breast augmentation recovery, please contact Dr. David A. Bottger and schedule a consultation at his Philadelphia office today.