Will I Be in Pain Following Breast Implant Surgery?


Every time you undergo a surgical procedure, you will likely experience some discomfort. However, it's impossible to predict the amount of discomfort you will experience after breast implant surgery, because every person experiences pain differently. Most women report that discomfort from breast augmentation was less than they expected, but to make sure you are comfortable during your recovery period, you will receive prescriptions for pain medication that should adequately control your discomfort. Most women report taking this medication for 3-5 days after surgery. Here are some factors that may affect the amount of discomfort you experience:

  • Submuscular placement of breast implants results in more and longer discomfort than subglandular placement
  • Larger breast implants are associated with more discomfort
  • Your breast tissue can impact the amount of discomfort you experience. If you are looking to enlarge breasts that never developed you may experience more discomfort than a woman who is looking to replace lost volume.
  • Under-the-armpit (axillary) incisions are associated with more discomfort than breast implant surgery using other incisions

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