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Tips for Choosing A Plastic Surgeon

Posted on Feb 6, 2014 Plastic Surgery

When looking for a Philadelphia plastic surgeon, you should attend your initial appointment with a list of questions. First and foremost, you should select a plastic surgeon who specializes in the type of procedure you are seeking. Additionally, you should choose a plastic surgeon who is board certified.
Your initial consultation is a great opportunity for you to get a better understanding of your prospective plastic surgeons background, philosophy, and abilities. Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions. Consider the following:

These questions are meant as a guide just to get you started. Additional questions should certainly be asked. Also, you should consider the surgeon’s overall demeanor and bed-side manner during your consultation. Does he or she seem like the type of person you want as your surgeon? During your meeting, make sure the surgeon spends ample time with you and encourages you to ask questions. If you feel as though the surgeon is rushing you or making you feel uncomfortable, keep searching until you find someone you trust.

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