Round vs. Contoured Implants


Deciding whether or not to have a breast enhancement procedure is a very personal decision with a lot of options to consider. Two popular forms of breast enhancement are breast lifts and breast implants. Breast implant procedures are among the most popular types of cosmetic procedures in the United States. I you are considering getting breast implants, you may feel confused about what decisions need to be made and what steps need to be taken to attain the best results.

Some decisions that need to be made prior to the breast implant procedure include:

  • Which type of implants are best- there are saline implants which are filled with saline solution in a silicone shell and silicone gel implants which are made of a viscous silicone gel in a silicone shell
  • Which type of incision is best- implants can be inserted around the edge of the nipple, in the crease under the breasts, or in the armpit or axillary region.
  • Which type of implants to choose- there are contoured implants which have a tear drop shape or round implants which are generally spherical in shape.

Round Implants


Round implants have the shape of a flattened shere. The main advantage of a round device is that it will maintain the same shape whether or not in spins or moves within the implant pocket. The post operative shape is typically very natural in that in the upright position the fill material, whether saline or silicone gel, pools in the lower pole of the implant, creating an overall tear drop shape. Round implants can also be smooth surfaced, which has the advantage of a lower incidence of visible or palpable rippling,as well as a potentially lower incidence of deflation or rupture.

Contoured Implants

Contoured implants are shaped like a tear drop. These types of implants must be textured in order to maintain their shape.The main disadvantage is that if the implants move or rotate within the implant pocket the breast may become misshapen and may require revision surgery. The other disadvantage of contoured implants is the potentially higher rate of implant rupture due to surface texturing.

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