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Posted on Oct 14, 2013 Facial Procedures

Commonly called a nose job, rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure in which your nose is brought into ideal proportions with the rest of your face. Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. David Bottger can use this procedure to address issues including:

Dr. Bottger can address just about any functional or aesthetic issue you may have with your nose. He will customize a rhinoplasty procedure to help provide you with balanced and complimentary facial features. Dr. Bottger offers both open and closed rhinoplasty. With closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made inside of your nostrils. Open rhinoplasty will require an additional incision in between your nostrils. While an incision on the outside of the nose can result in some scarring, open rhinoplasty gives Dr. Bottger greater control over cartilage reshaping and may be necessary to provide you with your desired look. When cared for properly, even external incisions will fade to be all but unnoticeable with time. During your initial consultation, Dr. Bottger will listen to your desires, assess your facial features, and help you determine the rhinoplasty technique best suited to meet your individual needs. If you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and would like more information about rhinoplasty, please contact Dr. David Bottger today to schedule an initial consultation.