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Plastic Surgery Trends for 2013

Posted on Mar 27, 2014 Plastic Surgery

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has released the statistics regarding plastic surgery procedures performed during 2013. Overall, these figures show an increase in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for the fourth year in a row. There were more than 15 million surgical and minimally invasive procedures performed during 2013, which constitutes a 3% increase from 2012.
Facial rejuvenation procedures, particularly non-surgical options, comprised a large portion of the treatments provided. There were 13.4 million non-surgical procedures performed in 2013. The most common were:

More than 1.7 million plastic surgery procedures were performed on patients last year.  The most common included:

There was a significant increase in buttock augmentation and neck lift procedures last year. Buttock augmentation experienced a 16% increase from 2012, while neck lifts experienced a 6% increase.

Silicone breast implants continued to enjoy a surge in popularity in 2013. They were used in 72% of all breast augmentation procedures. The use of silicone implants has steadily risen in recent years, most likely due to their more natural look and feel compared with saline breast implants.

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