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New Study Sort of Confirms Breast Implants Improve Sex Life

Posted on Jan 31, 2012 Breast Implants

According to the results of a new survey conducted by plastic surgery review site RealSelf.com, breast enhancement surgery improves the sex lives of patients. The survey of breast augmentation and breast lift patients was conducted by RealSelf.com from January 13-30, 2012, and ostensibly shows that women experience an overall improvement in their sex life after the procedure. According to the survey, participants overall claimed a 34% increase in sex life satisfaction. 34%, from 6.07 to 8.13 on a ten-point scale! Plus, 61% of women claimed they had sex more frequently after their breast surgery, compared to only 7% who had less sex. The survey also showed that 70% of respondents saw an improvement in their overall sex life satisfaction. These results seem to support the results of previous work, published in the journal Plastic Surgical Nursing (PSN) in 2007. In this study, 84 women completed questionnaires on sexuality and self-esteem before and after breast augmentation surgery. According to the study’s author, women experienced every measure of sexuality more strongly, reporting significant increases in arousal, sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, and lubrication. The PSN study has a very small sample size and does not attempt to tease out the two possible confounding effects. Do women have better sexual experiences because of breast implants or because they feel more confident. It deserves attention only because it is one of the few studies to actually address the question. However, the RealSelf.com study is a poor piece of work and really tells us nothing. The press release on the study did not mention how many women participated in the study or mention any attempts at statistically evaluating the data. Its only use is as a reminder that this is a possible effect you may experience after cosmetic breast surgery. To talk to a real plastic surgeon about the results experienced by real women after breast augmentation, please contact Philadelphia board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David A. Bottger today.