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MemoryGel® Breast Implants

Posted on Oct 1, 2013 Breast Implants

MemoryGel is the name of Mentor’s unique formulation of cohesive silicone gel. This silicone gel provides results that are more natural in look and feel than saline breast implants. Breast augmentation with MemoryGel implants can also potentially give much longer-lasting results. Advantages of mentor’s MemoryGel silicone breast implants include:

Mentor’s MemoryGel breast implants are FDA-approved as safe for breast augmentation procedures in women over the age of 22. Dr. David Bottger uses these implants with his Philadelphia-area patients because he has faith in their excellent quality, which leads to durability and great results. MemoryGel breast implants are not for everyone, however. They are initially more expensive than saline breast implants, and cannot be inserted via a transaxillary incision, so if cost or incision selection are the most important factors to you, MemoryGel breast implants may not the right option. However, MemoryGel breast implants are strongly recommended if quality of results is your primary concern, especially if you are considering placement of the breast implants over the muscle or have minimal natural breast tissue. Dr. Bottger will discuss these considerations with you in great detail during your initial consultation. To learn more about breast augmentation with MemoryGel breast implants, please contact Dr. David Bottger today to schedule a consultation at our Philadelphia plastic surgery office.