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Liposuction Risks

Posted on Jun 15, 2013 Liposuction

As with all surgical procedures, there are certain risks associated with liposuction. Some of these risks are specific to liposuction, while others are more general surgery risks. Common liposuction risks include:

Fortunately, these risks are extremely rare. In fact, complications most often arise when too much fat is removed from a treatment region at one time. Complications associated with excessive fat removal include:

The best way to minimize liposuction risks is to work with a board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. David Bottger is board certified and has decades of experience performing liposuction. In order to reduce your risk of complications, he always removes the smallest amount of fat that will achieve your desired results. In addition, he uses a tumescent liposuction technique and very small cannulas when performing the procedure. Dr. Bottger favors the tumescent approach over newer techniques since there is no scientific data indicating that these new approaches achieve better results than the tried-and-true tumescent method. If you are interested in liposuction, please contact Dr. David Bottger today to schedule your initial consultation. Dr. Bottger serves patients in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.