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The Importance of Choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Posted on Jun 15, 2015 Plastic Surgery

Every now and then we hear about an incident in which someone dies due to an unqualified surgeon performing a procedure that then goes wrong. Plastic surgery is a personal decision that people make for a variety of different reasons, it is also not cheap. When choosing to move forward with plastic surgery it is critical to go to a board certified surgeon and not take any short cuts just to save a few dollars. If you are in the Philadelphia area and are looking for a qualified plastic surgeon, contact David A. Bottger, MD at 610-355-1929 to schedule your consultation.

Earlier this month a young lady sadly died in Queens after a butt lift that was being done by a bogus doctor in the basement of a home went wrong. Unfortunately, black market alternatives have been luring in unsuspecting customers for some time now with the promise of cosmetic procedures at cheap prices.

The difference of a few thousand dollars can regrettably be the difference between life and death as well. Plastic surgeons who are board certified and members of ASPS have to meet rigorous standards with at least six years of surgical training following medical school and an additional three year residency. Never hesitate to ask about a doctors credentials.  A certified surgeon is an expert at what they do and put their patients first by practicing safe, ethical, and efficacious plastic surgery.

If you are considering plastic surgery, contact highly-trained, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bottger to schedule a consultation by calling 610-355-1929. We happily serve those in or around the areas of Philadelphia and Newton Square, Pennsylvania.