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Halloween Costumes after Breast Augmentation

Posted on Oct 27, 2011 Breast Augmentation

How do you pick the best Halloween costume? The most satisfying and appropriate costumes for you are those that help you rediscover and redefine yourself. If you have had breast augmentation, the chances are it is because you consider your breasts to be an important part of your personal identity, and why not celebrate that on Halloween? However, this does not mean that you should go out and select one of the endless line of “sexy” costumes. That’s just not you, and doesn’t celebrate who you are. Instead, look for a costume that celebrates what a voluptuous figure means to you. The website takebackhalloween.org is dedicated to helping women avoid demeaning costumes and offers some tips, which we’ve modified here:

We would also add that it’s a good idea to pick someone with character, someone who gives you a role to play that is dynamic and active rather than passive. You want to be known for your personality rather than just your appearance. Mae West, for example, is a great character with numerous quick-witted quips that you can add to your repertoire for the night for everyone’s amusement. This makes your costume more than just something you wear: it is someone you inhabit, and when you’ve picked the right costume, you’ll be amazed at how natural it feels and how easy it is to slip in and out of the role. Also remember to avoid ethnic stereotype costumes. This type of costume is not harmless. It’s actually damaging to the people they represent. When you don one of these costumes, you are re-inscribing a narrative that has led to the oppression of billions of people and the destruction of numerous cultures. The machineries of imperialism churn out thousands of these derogatory costumes that are designed to maintain the status quo. Dr. David A. Bottger is a Philadelphia plastic surgeon who understands that breast augmentation is about more than just appearance–it’s about your identity and your way of life. To talk to him about your breast augmentation, please schedule a consultation today.