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Breast Augmentation Improves Quality of Life, Reduces Risk of Eating Disorders

Posted on Sep 7, 2012 Breast Augmentation

According to a study published in the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation can not only increase a woman’s quality of life, it can decrease her risk for eating disorder symptoms. According to the authors, the impact of breast augmentation on quality of life has not been fully studied, and deserves greater attention in talking to patients about what to expect from the procedure. The study used self-evaluation questionnaires to look at the quality of life, depression, self-confidence, and risk of suffering an eating disorder for 79 consecutive breast augmentation patients, although only 65 actually completed the surveys. The emotional dimensions of the breast augmentation procedure were clearly illustrated in the study. At an average of 7 months after surgery, women experienced significant improvement in self-esteem, depression, and body satisfaction. Women seemed to have greater interpersonal trust, were more open with themselves, and were more capable of understanding their own feelings. Perhaps most significantly, women were at a decreased risk of eating disorders after breast augmentation. Although psychological improvement cannot be guaranteed from breast implants, this Aesthetic Plastic Surgery study suggests that, in general, the impact of breast augmentation is not just superficial. If you are considering breast augmentation, it’s important to talk about your goals for the procedure with a board certified plastic surgeon. In Philadelphia, please contact Dr. David A. Bottger today for a consultation.