Breast Lift Procedures Are Increasing at Twice the Rate of Breast Augmentation Procedures


While breast augmentation remains the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed on women, breast lift procedures are actually increasing in popularity at a faster rate. Recent statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) showed a 70% increase in breast lift procedures since 2000, while breast augmentation procedures have only increased by approximately 37%.

According to the ASPS, more than 90,000 breast lifts were performed in 2013, up from 53,000 procedures in 2000. In contrast, approximately 290,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed in 2013, up from 212,500 in 2000.

These figures indicate an evolving trend among breast surgery procedures. An increasing number of women seem to prefer restoring a youthful breast appearance to increasing the size of their breasts. This is consistent with the fact that many plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in the number of women seeking to correct sagging issues caused by pregnancy.

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