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Am I Too Old for Plastic Surgery?

Posted on Apr 24, 2015 Plastic Surgery

Often, those considering plastic surgery wonder whether or not they are too old to be receiving the procedure they want and if the safety for these procedures decreases with age. A persons candidacy isn’t dependent on age but more so on health. During your consultation, Philadelphia cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bottger will go over your desired goals that you wish to achieve and whether or not it is a safe and practical option.

It seems that more and more seniors are choosing to receive cosmetic surgery procedures to help them attain a more youthful appearance. A recent study by the ASPS found that the number of elderly men and women who receive plastic surgery has increased over the years, and that the surgeries performed have been as safe as those carried out on younger patients.

The study also showed an insignificant difference in the number of postoperative complications between elderly and younger patients. The most important thing is that patients are honest about their health history or any health issues that they may have. Certain issues may prevent you from being a candidate for cosmetic surgery.

As long as you meet the required qualifications for candidacy and have realistic expectations, then you should not let your age hold you back from achieving your desired aesthetic goals. To schedule your personal consultation with Philadelphia cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bottger, call us at 610-355-1929 today!