Cosmetic Surgery Testimonials




Dr. Bottger, I thank you every day for what you accomplished with my old dilapidated body. You released me from all the burden of being uncomfortable in my own skin. This world is a little warped, how everyone is constantly awarding movie stars and rock stars, all the awards should be going to scientist and doctors like yourself. You deserve all the accolades for giving your patients freedom from their inner turmoil. Thank you for changing my life for the better, I feel like you've given me a second chance at being the best me I can be. I'm going to take this head start you gave me and keep the ball running till I slam dunk it into the goal line. Thank you for choosing your very demanding profession as a surgeon, all your work is not in vain, you have changed my life and I will always be grateful. I'm enclosing a picture that I will be posting on areal self. As a Joke I put on my 22 year old bikini and sent it to her. She answered "very scary". I then sent it to my sister and she replied "wow, he turned you into a Bond girl!" I thought you deserved to hear that compliment more than me, since you did all the work!!

Dear Dr. Bottger,

On the 1st Anniversary of my breast reduction/uplift (October 14, 2014), I wanted to thank you for your skills and professionalism again. Thank you so much. I am pleased with the results, with my new "figure" and rejuvenation (literally, you took a weight off my shoulders!) and energy renewed.

Unbelievably, I had not a moment of pain and the entire event from beginning to end was entirely stress-free. And thank you also for the wonderful results of both my daughter's surgery and my son's surgery.

Warmest best wishes and gratefully,

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

To All:

Thank you so much for the great care you extend to your patients.

What a blessing to have such a warm & compassionate office staff.

Best wishes for 2016

Dr. Bottger,

Thank you for knowing me as a person. Thank you for giving me my confidence back. You are an excellent surgeon and good at what you do.

You have a wonderful gift, and I appreciate your time and commitment.

Your office and staff showed me professionalism and concern during this time. I thank you for everything and enjoy your holiday.

Caring always.

You're Awesome!

Thank you again.

Hello Mary Jo and Dr Bottger! I am so happy with the results, I could literally cry! Purely ecstatic! I feel more womanly and beautiful. I went from having nothing (and I mean nothing) to something over night! They still have dropping to do, but I love love love them already! Thanks to the both of you for making this possible. Everything from the consult to the post op appointment was a breeze. I felt so comfortable and warm. Mary Jo, thank you for all your patience in answering my 1 million questions! Haha. You are a star employee and oh so sweet! Dr Bottger, you are an amazing surgeon. I have no idea how you worked your magic on my "upside down pyramid" figure (still laughing about that). It's a complete change! I am very thankful.. Worth every penny.