Brow Lift Philadelphia


A Brow lift or a Forehead lift is a procedure designed to raise the position of a sagging brow and upper eyelid as well as to improve the vertical glabellar lines or “frown lines”.  This procedure is generally performed with an endoscopic technique involving several small incisions just behind the hairline and a camera on a lighted tube with small instruments.  The muscles creating the frown lines are reduced and the forehead and brow are elevated without removing any skin or hair bearing scalp. This technique involves minimal incisions and faster recovery.  A browlift can be performed alone or in conjunction with other facial procedures such as eyelid surgery, facelift, Botox, or Restylane.

Ideal Candidates

  • Patients without significant medical conditions who have realistic expectations.
  • Patients who have drooping, heavy brows and upper eyelids.
  • Patients with prominent central forehead “frown lines” and horizontal wrinkles.


After surgery the head will be wrapped with a bandage.  This bandage is removed on the first post operative day after which no further bandages are required and you may shower and wash your hair.  There is a variable degree of swelling and potentially bruising around the forehead and eyes that usually resolves within 10-14 days.  You are encouraged to sleep with your back and head elevated to reduce swelling and avoid strenuous activity for two weeks.  Several small staples are used to close the scalp incisions and are usually removed in one week.  Some numbness of the scalp may occur which usually resolves over several months.

Risks and Complications

Risks and complications of browlift include but are not limited to unfavorable scarring, infection, bleeding, hair loss, scalp or forehead numbness and forehead weakness.  Significant complications, although possible, are uncommon.

For more information about brow lifts or forehead lifts begin by reading our Frequently Asked Brow lift Questions. If you have any questions, contact our Philadelphia cosmetic surgeon to learn more about the browlift procedure.

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