Are Gummy Bear Breast Implants Better? Part 2: Results

As noted in our previous blog, gummy bear breast implants have long been anticipated, partly because it was believed they would be safer, but also some believed they might give better results. Looking at the results of the pre-approval clinical studies and comparing the results of the Sientra gummy bear breast implants with previous studies of Mentor silicone gel breast implants, it seems the results don’t justify those expectations.

The Haves and Have-Nots: Breast Augmentation Sparks Tension among Cheerleaders

With the NFL draft coming next month, it’s time to start thinking about football again, and for men and women fans of the Philadelphia Eagles it’s also time to think about the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders, too. Cheerleader tryouts are in progress, with the semi-final round taking place this week. As ambassadors for the NFL and representatives held up as an ideal of feminine beauty, cheerleaders work hard to fulfill their obligations, but how they choose to pursue a beauty ideal can lead to tension.

Retro Ads Show Diverse Pressures on Women's Bodies

Recently, there has been significant attention given to weight gain advertisements found in magazines from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. The advertisements, for products with names like "Wate-On," "Kelp-A-Malt," and "Ironized Yeast," seem strange to readers in a day and age when women are under so much pressure to lose weight. However, if you look a little closer at the advertisements, it quickly becomes clear that the message is basically the same now as then: women need the right kind of curves to be attractive.

What Larger Breasts Can Do, According to Science

My last blog was about a recent study that analyzed the way men and women looked at a picture of a cleavagey brunette. There are a number of more scientific studies that consider the role of breast size in attractiveness. But what is the practical effect of larger breasts? A number of scientific studies have looked at the role larger breasts play in a number of real-life situations.

Marketing Research Shows Men Fixate on Cleavage More than Women

Although you may be tempted to put this in the category of "I could have told you that," market researchers from around the world showed an image of a cleavagey brunette and used eye tracking software to determine where men and women fixated on the image. The results are more interesting than a bare summary of the findings would suggest.

Specialized Lingerie Gives the Right Fit after Breast Surgery

Many women find that although they are happy with the shape and appearance of their breasts after breast augmentation, they cannot find lingerie that properly supports and flatters their figure. Even after a professional fitting for conventional bras, women find they do not look as good in bras as they do without. Although you might be tempted to go without a bra after breast augmentation surgery, giving your breasts proper support after breast augmentation is crucial to maintaining your results.

Men Prefer Larger Breasts on Women than They Prefer on Themselves

According to a study published in the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in February, men are more likely to think large-breasted women are attractive. The study was focused on attempting to determine the standards men and women had for attractiveness of the female body. To determine the difference, "high-quality" pictures were shown to 34,000 men and women. These pictures were varied according to a number of key parameters, such as weight, hip width, waist width, bust size, and leg length. They found a number of parameters for which there was significant differences.

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