Breast Implant Sizing Considerations


If you have decided to have breast augmentation or reduction surgery, it is important you make the right choice in how large or small your breasts will be. Dr. Bottger, your Philadelphia-area cosmetic surgeon, can help you make the right decision for your body type, body size, and your self image, by considering the following factors:

  • Implant size- larger implants stretch out existing breast tissue and skin much more so than smaller implants
  • Breast tissue- the amount, texture, and distribution of natural breast tissue will affect how your breasts adapt to your implants
  • Skin quality- the elasticity of your skin will affect your final appearance
  • Age- chronological age as well as the age of any existing implants factor in your decision, primarily because of the related changes in skin elasticity and breast tissue
  • Lifestyle- athletics are a major factor in determining your breast size, as well as behavior, such as smoking or exposure to sunlight
  • Natural breast shape- if your breasts show signs of ptosis (drooping), the shape will be an important factor

The first step in determining the right size is to view before-and-after photographs of patients with a similar body type and breast shape to yours. Breast dimensions are then measured to allow the right range of implants to be considered. Finally, implant sizers will be placed in an appropriately-sized bra and matched with different garments of clothing to give a general final appearance. Ultimately, the size of your breasts will depend largely on your body type and your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Bottger is highly experienced at helping individuals decide on the right size of breast augmentation. Please contact our Philadelphia practice at 610-355-1929 to schedule an appointment today. We happily welcome patients residing in and around the areas of Philadelphia, Newtown Square, and West Chester, Pennsylvania.