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For some women, large breasts can be a serious burden, causing pain, self-consciousness and limitations in physical activity. Dr. Bottger understands the discomfort and health risks associated with over-sized breasts, and he is pleased to offer breast reduction surgery, including gynecomastia, to his Philadelphia patients.

If your breasts are causing you physical pain or significantly hindering your lifestyle, call Dr. Bottger's plastic surgery office at (610) 355-1929 to schedule a breast reduction consultation with an experienced Philadelphia cosmetic surgeon.

Is Breast Reduction the Right Procedure for You?

Breast reduction surgery is considered a reconstructive procedure, which means that ideal candidates are those seeking to improve symptoms related to breast weight. The added benefit of the surgery is the lifting and shape improvement that the procedure provides.

Breast reduction might be the right procedure for you if your breasts are the cause of discomfort and/or health problems including:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Restriction of strenuous physical activity
  • Breathing problems
  • Shoulder pain from uncomfortable bra straps
  • Irritation and rashes under the breasts

Often times the physical discomfort can lead to mental and social issues, such as:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulty performing in the workplace
  • Discomfort during intimacy
  • Embarrassing social situations
  • Trouble finding clothes that fit comfortably or appropriately

Breast reduction surgery is a reliable method to reduce the size and weight of your breasts to provide relief from the above symptoms  while simultaneously improving their shape and appearance.

Breast Reduction Procedure & Recovery

Dr. Bottger utilizes a variety of breast reduction techniques depending on your individual needs. Generally the breast reduction procedure involves the removal of excess breast tissue and skin to create a lighter, more elevated and firmer breast.

Issues of scarring, insurance coverage and other specific breast reduction questions are best addressed by Dr. Bottger during your consultation.

Contact Our Philadelphia Cosmetic Surgeon Today

If you think a breast reduction can help you live a more comfortable and healthy life, contact Dr. David Bottger at (610) 355-1929 to schedule a personal consultation with our experienced Philadelphia cosmetic surgeon.

Breast Reduction photos: 36 year old; 5'1", 120 lbs.


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