Breast Implant Incision Options


During your consultation breast implant surgeon, Dr. Bottger will go over the choices available for the location of your incision.  The type of incision will depend on several factors, Including breast implant type, patient preference and individual anatomic characteristics, all of which will be discussed during your consultation.


This incision is placed along the fold beneath the breast.  The inframammary incision is approximately one to two inches long, and is the most popular choice for the majority of our breast implant patients.  It usually creates a well concealed scar and can be used with all implant types and sizes.


The periareolar incision produces a scar along the lower border of the areolar.  This scar is usually very fine and nearly imperceptible in most patients.  This approach is not optimal for patients with very small areolas and it can be difficult to insert a moderate or large size silicone gel implant through this incision.


The axillary incision is made through the armpit, leaving no scarring on the breasts.  The implants are inserted via a crease in the armpit using a fiberoptic endoscopic system to create the pockets that will hold the implants.


This approach requires an incision through the belly button.  The surgeon creates a tunnel from the belly button that extends to each breast; the saline implants are then passed through these tunnels and inflated.

Breast implant surgeon Dr. Bottger does not recommend the umbilical approach for several reasons.  First, the implants are placed bluntly without optimum visualization creating a potentially greater chance of asymmetry.  Second, this lack of direct visualization of the pocket also makes it potentially more difficult to detect and control bleeding. 

Any of the above incisions can be accommodated in most patients, however, certain breast shapes, nipple configuration, and implant types may favor one incision placement over another.

Dr. Bottger will consider these factors at the time of consultation to help you determine the best approach. If you would like to learn more about breast implant incision types or would like to schedule an initial consultation, contact our breast surgery office today to speak with Dr. Bottger.

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